Known as a CMS, a content management system allows you to update your Web site whenever you want – no need for technical expertise or to wait for your Web designer to publish your changes. A CMS draws your site’s content from a password-protected, server-side database (which means that your data is stored securely, online).

You can log into your control panel at any time, whenever you need to add or change the information your site visitors will see. You can also assign the task of updating page information to your staff or team members. You’ll find such a system highly useful for posting news items, adding or updating biographical information, listing events, and more.

I use WordPress exclusively for user-updateable Web sites, so I’ll make sure yours is created in the world’s fastest-growing Web management platform. WordPress is easy to use, extremely flexible, and widely-supported. It even lets you update your site from a smartphone or tablet.

If you want your Web site to have this kind of capability, please contact me for more information.