Professional Copywriter's Computer KeyboardWhatever the size of your business, communicating clearly and persuasively – both externally and internally – is essential.

Bad writing will make you look unprofessional, costing you clients, sales, and credibility. Readers who spot grammatical, spelling, or usage errors may judge your business accordingly.

Good Copywriting Boosts Your Image.

Any time you’ve read a brochure or catalog description, heard a radio commercial, seen a print or television ad – and were motivated to buy – a professional copywriter was likely involved. Conversely, you may have seen a flyer, Web page, product label, or advertisement that was so poorly written, you quickly looked elsewhere.

My Writing Services Include:

  • Web Copywriting
  • Brochures
  • Newsletter Articles
  • Editing of Existing Content / Articles

It’s Not Just Good Grammar.

Good professional writing goes beyond the right spelling, grammar, and usage. Well-chosen words put you (and what you offer) in the best possible light , turning prospects into customers.

Web Copywriting

Writing for the Web is different from writing for print. I’ll review your wording for persuasiveness, originality, and search-engine friendliness.

For example, using specific keywords over and over, hoping that Google will rank your page higher, can backfire. You’ll lose both your position in Google and your readers when your phrasing is awkward and redundant.

Contact Me For a Free Quote.

If you’re concerned that your promotional materials aren’t worded effectively, or you simply don’t have the time to write them yourself, consider hiring me. I’ll ensure that both you and your ideas make a solid first – and lasting – impression.