Man Learning OnlineMaster basic English grammar as you boost the effectiveness of your emails, cover letters, memos, marketing materials, proposals, and other business writing tasks. You’ll learn how to keep your readers’ attention, focusing concisely on their needs and increasing the persuasive power of almost everything you write.

Group or Individual Instruction

Eliminate unnecessary travel and lengthy class sessions. I’ll work with you and / or your organization to craft an optimal meeting schedule. Meet one or two hours a day, once or twice a week, once a month – you decide.

Get More Out of Class Time

Shorter meetings over a two or three-week period are far more likely to improve retention and facilitate mastery than one or two all-day sessions. I’ll form a class around your specific needs. But I also have pre-structured courses in:

  • Business Writing Basics
  • Fast and Easy Grammar Workshop
  • Extra Effective Emails
  • Nice ‘n Concise: How to Write for an Increasingly Distracted Audience

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