What kinds of training do you offer?

If you need professional development training for your business or organization, please contact me to learn more about my training programs. I’ll work with you and your staff in such areas as:

  • WordPress Fundamentals
  • Advanced WordPress Techniques
  • Presentation Skills
  • Business Writing
  • Grammar for Non-Grammarians

A seasoned master trainer with over 10 years’ experience, I’ll custom-design a learning program that will invigorate and educate your group in a lively, fun, high-energy, and engaging manner. I can come to your location, or can work with you online, in my interactive online classroom. Please contact me to find out more.

Meanwhile, if you don’t see a particular subject listed, that doesn’t mean that I don’t or won’t cover it. My training modules are updated continuously.

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How does your WordPress training work?

I work with both WordPress novices and experienced users. Sessions may be one-on-one, with small groups, or for large assemblies, in person or online. I tailor the sessions to your needs, taking into account what you already know. I don’t work from a script or use a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Whether you want to use WordPress for blogging or to publish and maintain a traditional Web site, you’ll learn what you need to. I won’t waste your time with all the other things WordPress can do (and it can “do” a lot!).

My hands-on approach puts you in the “driver’s seat”. If I merely demonstrate a concept, feature, or technique, you’ll remember mostly that I showed you. But if I guide you through doing it yourself, you’ll learn much more quickly and completely.

Many clients meet with me in their homes. If you’re within Hudson County, I won’t bill for travel. If you’re considerably further than that, contact me to find out whether travel expenses apply.

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What is a copywriter?

Sometimes, the term is confused with “copyrighter”, which designates someone who grants patents or registers copyrights. That’s understandable, given the similarity of the words.

A COPYWRITER specializes in goal-oriented prose. Whether it’s the text for an ad, sales letter, speech, product label, presentation, or Web site, the writing is organized around a purpose. That purpose may be to persuade, inform, describe, or entertain (note: sometimes, a copywriter may be referred to as a “business writer”). In addition to wielding verbal expertise, a worthwhile copywriter should have a grasp of both marketing and basic human psychology.

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Why should I hire a professional writer?

Whether or not you write well, you might not know how to make your words sell. Unless you have the time, energy, and expertise to put your ideas into clear, concise, and convincing verbiage, leave that to someone who does.

You wouldn’t go to an important event or crucial job interview without properly-tailored clothes. Similarly, if you’re selling products or trying to hook readers, you want your documents to look professional. Grammatical, spelling, or usage errors can turn off potential customers and cost you money.

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If I hire you, how is my work delivered?

Your work will be sent in whatever way is most convenient for you – be that “snail mail”, online file sharing, or e-mail. I’ll make sure it’s in your preferred format. If you’re buying site content or any other kind of writing, drafts and completed work can be uploaded to you as text (.txt), Word (.doc), Rich Text Format (.rtf), HTML (.htm or .html), or various other file types.

Presentations will be in PowerPoint format (.ppt, .pps) or OpenOffice Impress format. For complete print projects (layout & content) – such as flyers, brochures, or newsletters – I primarily support Adobe’s Portable Document Format (.pdf).

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What if I don’t like the work?

If you’re not satisfied with my work within 60 days of our relationship, I won’t hesitate to refund your money (at which point any completed work remains my property, subject to strict enforcement of copyright laws). My goal is to ensure that you get what you want.

To that end, I’ll send you drafts regularly (and anytime upon request). If there’s anything you don’t like, I’ll change it. I won’t quit until you’re pleased with the results.

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Do you build Web sites?

Yes. I can give your current site a makeover or build you a new one. Whether you need a basic Web site to generate sales leads  or an advanced one, complete with a blog and ecommerce features, I can build it.

If you already have a Web site, I can overhaul it, sending you previews before changing anything on your live site. Alternately, if you’re establishing a new Web site, I can register (or transfer) your domain name, set you up with a low-cost host provider, create and publish your site, and even promote it. As the project unfolds, you can view the work-in-progress just by clicking a private link.

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What if I don’t want the site to “go public” until I approve it?

Your developing site will reside on a private server. I will forward you the link you’ll need to review the work. No one else (other than those you designate) will see your new Web site until you’re ready.

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What about site revisions and maintenance?

Complete Web sites come with a year of maintenance and revisions – at no additional cost. Afterward, you can hire me (or someone else) to maintain your site. I’ll ensure that the work conforms to proper standards, so as to make it easier for you or your Webmaster to keep your project going.

If you’re running a relatively small site, you may want to maintain the content yourself. To that end, you can hire me to advise, coach, and tutor you until you’re able to successfully publish your own Web work. If you’re located in the NY metro area, I can even work with you onsite.

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I’m confused by the terms “Web Designer” and “Webmaster”. What’s the distinction?

To the best of my knowledge, the distinction is as follows:

A Web Designer is primarily concerned with visuals, acting as an art director. A Web Designer specializes in page layout, graphics, colors, and logos, creating a consistent look and feel throughout a site. He or she crafts visuals that best serve the site’s goals and that are appropriate for the target audience.

A Webmaster presides over a site’s technical aspects, including navigation, content, visibility, usefulness, and reliability. He or she may be part programmer, part designer, and part copywriter.

In short, think of a Webmaster as a Web site’s manager, keeping content updated and making sure that everything works as it should.

Of course, there’s plenty of overlap. Web Designers and Webmasters often possess aspects of each other’s expertise.

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Can I hire you to take over or maintain my Web site?

If you have an existing Website, you can entrust me to keep everything on it up to date. I’ll make sure that your links and controls work, your site comes up reliably, and your pages are indexed by major search engines–among other things. I’ll even make enhancements and inspect the site for quality. Fees for such services vary, depending on the extent of your needs.

Content management ensures that – as you might expect – your site’s content is kept updated. I’ll proofread and edit your writing for grammar, readability, and effectiveness. I can also write or rewrite your content if need be. Prices for such services vary, depending on how much “wordsmithing” you need.

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