Here are testimonials from some of my clients. Feel free to contact them for insight into any of the work I did.

“Many potential consultant advisors know or claim to know a lot about web site set up and management. In addition to the fact that Mike finds solutions quickly, what makes his support unique and precious is his heart.

Mike Matera is there for you when you need him. He’s a good listener, with practical capacity to translate your intentions into your work in progress

I really like this guy.”

— Allen Matlins

“Mike Matera has been a great advisor and Webmaster. His technical, writing, and administrative skills are first-rate. But what really makes him special is his optimistic approach, along with his honesty, readiness to help at all times, and his ability to explain the intricacies of the Internet to someone like me–someone who is, at best, a novice.”

— Mindy Affrime,
Mindy Affrime Productions

“Michael’s writing is excellent. He made me look very professional, on both my Website and my brochure. Once given each project, he took over and guided everything from start to finish–all I had to do was answer a few questions.”

“My Website continues to be well maintained and Michael keeps me abreast of any changes or updates it needs. I highly recommend his services.”

Debra Hertensteiner,
Virtually Yours

About his writing: “I was represented well. Michael articulated my thoughts exactly as I would have liked. My Website was worded beautifully.”

About his Web design work: “It was easy to create a Website using Michael’s services. He has good ideas and took the lead from start to finish. He was thorough and took care of every detail.”

On his Follow-up: “He continues to maintain my Website and reminds me when things need to be updated.”

Professional Belly Dancer
Belly Dance by Sasha

“Michael transformed my somewhat chaotic thoughts into a streamlined essay, one with a professional appearance that had maximum impact. Thank you, Mike, for getting me into law school!”

— Ves Dittrich

“Mike´s sharp eyes did a brilliant job of editing my travel humor book. So why does he need to wear glasses?”

— Peter Ward,
author of Africa Par Adventure.

“I can always count on Mike’s ‘eagle eyes’ to spot errors and awkward language in my marketing materials. So…why does he need to wear glasses…?”

— Sheldon H., CEO of Sea Fever Excursions, New York City’s premier sailing experience